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DUE TO AN OVERWHELMING DEMAND, YOUR DESIRED TIMESLOT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE. If available, you will be able to select an available timeslot once you have moved to checkout. This affects Click & Collect and Delivery.

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have removed the following products from our Online Shopping Store.

Toilet Paper
Paper Towel

As soon as these products are available we will add them back into our Online Store.
Whilst we are removing the above products you may still have a high level of out of stocks in your online order, especially if they are pantry or cleaning items. This is because most of the orders are picked from our store just before your order is fulfilled. We are working through all options and are deeply sorry for not being able to provide the usual high level of service we strive to achieve

If you are in lockdown, self-isolation or have returned from overseas in the last 14 days can you please ensure you put a note in the delivery section alerting our drivers so that we can deliver your groceries to a safe location without putting others at risk of infection.

Our aim during this stressful period is to keep all of our staff safe but still provide our customers with an Online Shopping delivery service so please be understanding of our staff and contractors safety.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Kind regards,
The Drakes Online Team